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Battlefield V paid currency is apparently coming in January 2019

Published: 20:03, 27 December 2018
picture showing soldier in battlefield v
Battlefield V

EA are notorious for their microtransactions policies, but it came a bit of a surprise Battlefield V still doesn't have them, one month after release. That will change in January 2019, according to a new leak from retailers who sell it.

Battlefield V released on 20 November 2018 and now it seems like it will be almost two full months when the paid currency arrives, on 18 January 2019. According to a that was posted on Reddit, the Battlefield Currency will be sold at the rate of 6000 for $49,99. 

This is likely just one of the offered packages, as virtual currency is mostly sold in smaller increments, with the larger quantities offering discounts. There is still no information how much the currency will be worth when it comes to in-game items, but it is worth mentioning that EA and DICE both confirmed that the paid currency will be used for cosmetic items only.

Therefore, Battlefield V will avoid the disaster Star Wars: Battlefront II faced due to loot boxes and paid progression. On the other hand, Battlefield V suffered a lot of controversy on its own, which resulted in rather poor sales. This could be the reason why EA chose not to implement microtransactions yet.

Another reason why the cosmetic microtransactions may have been postponed is that EA DICE had to remove a good bit of cosmetic items, in an effort to tone down the wacky customisation. This likely prompted the need to add new customisation options, that are hopefully not prosthetics and katanas for British soldiers.

EA DICE Screenshot of colourful but weird characters from Battlefield V Battlefield V super hero team, from left to right: Katana Commando, Female Terminator, Scrawny Kratos and Black Braveheart

On the bright side, Battlefield V looks like it's going to be the first Battlefield in a while that will not separate the player base behind paywalls, as it will focus on recurring revenue from cosmetics. It remains to be seen whether EA DICE will eventually add a Season Pass or other paid DLC that will revert to the old ways though. 

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