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Battlefield V Community Games feature is coming in the next update

Published: 13:08, 06 December 2019
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Battlefield V, in the thick of it

Community Games will allow players to create their own, personalised playlists, pick which maps they want to play and choose their favourite game modes.

Another big Battlefield V update is just around the corner and today, EA have detailed one of the much-anticipated features that will be included in the upcoming patch. Formerly known as Private Games, Community Games are something that many Battlefield V players have been waiting for a long time and on 09 December 2019, EA and Dice will finally introduce the new feature.

Community Games will basically let players create and play on customised servers with specific settings. For example, you can create a playlist that includes only Pacific maps or certain game modes. The new feature will allow that and a lot more. Here is the breakdown of all the options:

  • Create and name several game configurations
  • Create and join a private game
  • Choose game mode
  • Choose map
  • Choose a maximum number of players (from a predefined list)
  • Choose how many rounds the server should play
  • Choose a password
  • Kick players from the server
  • Ban and manage banned players (session only)

EA and Dice hope that with these options, players will get to cherry-pick their favourite Battlefield V features to create their own experience. Passwords, kicks and bans features are there to keep the games clean, safe and protected. 

Some of the limited-time modes will also be available on the Community Games servers, even when they are out of rotation, which is something that players will certainly appreciate. And of course,  weapon, vehicle, and rank progression keep ticking along but only if you're on a non-password protected server.

You can find more details about Community Games on .

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