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Battlefield V, Chapter 5: War in the Pacific launches next week

Published: 14:54, 23 October 2019
Updated: 14:59, 23 October 2019
Japanese and US soldier as depicted in Battlefield V
Battlefield V, Chapter 5: War in the Pacific

EA and Dice have just dropped an action-packed trailer for Battlefield V's Chapter 5: War in the Pacific, which launches on 31 October 2019, and there's plenty to be excited about - new factions, weapons, vehicles, elites and more.

You don't have to be a history buff to guess which factions we're talking about here, but here it is just in case - "Chapter 5: War in the Pacific brings amphibious assaults and all-out warfare across iconic battlefields, with the U.S. and Japan entering the fray." 

Battlefield V players can choose to fight as the US Armed Forces or the Imperial Japanese Army, all the while using iconic weapons, outfits and other gear. EA's Free Weekend Trials' third and fourth weekends fall on 24 October and 1 November, so you can check it out free of charge too.  


War in the Pacific comes with two new maps - Iwo Jima, which the fans should be familiar with, and Pacific Storm, which is reminiscent of Paracel Storm from Battlefield 4. Dice said they're bringing back Wake Island as well, although it's not expected to launch before December. 

New Weapons

"In Chapter 5, you’ll wield classic WW2 firearms, katanas, and anything in between. Yes, you'll be able to enjoy the distinctive eighth-round 'ping' from an M1 Garand when the Chapter launches, along with three other main weapons", the dev wrote. The new weapons are:

  • Type 99 Arisaka, Recon class bolt-action rifle
  • Type 100, Medic class SMG
  • M1919A6, Support class medium machine gun

Battlefield V: Chapter 5 will eventually add M3 Grease Gun, Nambu Type 2A, Type 97 LMG and M1918A2, while the Jungle Carbine, Type 94 and Model 27 sidearms are handed out as chapter rewards. 

There are two new battle pickups, meaning you need to find them first, and these are the Katana and the M2 Flamethrower. 

EA Battlefield V battle pickups - Katana and the flamethrower Battlefield V, Chapter 5: War in the Pacific, Katana (left), flamethrower (right)


As you'd expect, the US gets the M4 Sherman, while the Japanese counterpart is the Type 97, both of which are well-armoured medium tanks. LVT and Ka-Mi Light Amphibious Tanks will help you get across and the same goes for Dinghy, although that's a bit more fragile option. The rest can be handled with MB Jeeps or Type 95 cars. 

When it comes to the skies, Battlefield V players can choose between fighter and bomber variants of the F4U Corsair on the US side, with the same two flavours available for the Japanese Zero Fighter. Dice added more specializations to the vehicles too, which means you can tailor your wheels to your gameplay.

Jack Culver and Keisuke Nakamura are joining Battlefield V's elites, with more to be added at a later date. You can find the full

Battlefield V, WWII shooter by DICE and Electronic Arts

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