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Battlefield Twitter shuts down, sparking rumours about Battlefield 6 reveal

Published: 13:30, 10 September 2020
artwork showing a soldier and battlefield twitter
Battlefield Twitter profile is no longer available on Twitter

By the looks of it, DICE and EA have temporarily shut down the official Battlefield account on Twitter which could be another tease for the rumoured Battlefield 6 reveal.

DICE and EA are up to something. Earlier this week, popular Battlefield YouTuber jackfrags included a mysterious tease in one of his videos and shortly after that, Senior Designer at DICE, Niklas Astrand added to the whole mystery with a simple tweet.

Today, it appears that EA and DICE have taken another step further in their teasing campaign. Over on Twitter, the official Battlefield account with @Battlefield handle has been completely removed from the popular social media network.

You can check it out for yourself on Twitter but here's a screencap from westie, which shows that the account is indeed no longer available on Twitter. Could this be another tease for the rumoured Battlefield 6 reveal? Well, it's hard to say. It certainly could be but it's also possible that something simply went wrong with Twitter. 

Executive Producer at DICE Aleksander Grondal replied to westie's tweet by saying "we're still here" and that "technical difficulties" could be the reason behind the deactivation of the official Battlefield Twitter account. 

Battlefield Twitter is yet to return at the time of writing but we'll update the article once we know more about the situation. 

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