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Battlefield 2042's RTX ON trailer is a mess with frame rate drops below 20 FPS

Published: 08:07, 02 November 2021
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Battlefield 2042

Here are EA and DICE with a prime example of how not to showcase Battlefield 2042's PC features and gameplay.

EA and DICE have dropped a brand new trailer for the long-awaited shooter Battlefield 2042. This time around, the team decided to showcase exclusive PC additions which include a set of Nvidia RTX features such as DLSS, ray-traced ambient occlusion and Nvidia Reflex for low latency. 

This certainly sounds good on paper as every PC gamer loves a good DLSS implementation but if you watch the trailer, you'll probably start scratching your head in confusion.

The trailer, which you can watch above, includes some raw gameplay bits along with that original unrealistic looking "gameplay trailer". This is of course, far from an ideal showcase - we would rather have a proper gameplay trailer with an FPS counter and comparison between RTX tech turned on and off but it is what it is. 

But this is not our main concern with this trailer. The problem is the actual performance - in certain scenes (helicopter gameplay at 0:33), the frame rate drops to 20 FPS, making the game look like an unplayable mess.

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This surely is not how you present the PC features of a competitive shooter game to the hardcore Battlefield PC community who made their thoughts on the matter clear with more than 4.6K dislikes on the trailer. 

On top of this, some scenes in the trailer look quite off visually - certain graphical effects seem to be missing - which results in quite an average showcase. 

Interestingly, the performance during the beta was not that bad when compared to this trailer, which suggests that the ray-tracing implementation might be the reason for such a poor frame rate.

Whatever the case is, we are hopeful that DICE fix the issues before the launch. 

Battlefield 2042

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