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Battlefield 2042 Season 1 won't launch until early 2022

Published: 17:03, 10 November 2021
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Battlefield 2042

EA and DICE have confirmed that Battlefield 2042 will get four seasons in its first year but the first season won't be coming until early 2022 when more details about post-launch content will be revealed.

Battlefield 2042 will be a live service game with plenty of post-launch content and today, EA and DICE have shared a couple of new details about their plans for the game in 2022. 

In the blog post on the EA website , it's been revealed that Battlefield 2042 will receive a total of four seasons in its first year, though, there is no specific release date for the first season just yet - we only know it's coming sometime in early 2022.

Battlefield 2042's Season 1 will introduce a new Specialist, Battle Pass system and fresh Portal content and "maybe even some new sights to see as the story of Battlefield 2042 continues to unfold" EA and DICE tease in the announcement. 

EA Battlefield 2042 Portal in action Battlefield 2042 Portal in action

It's also confirmed that Battlefield 2042's seasons will introduce new locations so expect new multiplayer maps that you will also be able to use in Battlefield Portal.

On launch, Battlefield 2042 will offer Preseason content with weekly missions, limited-time modes, Battlefield Portal additions, rewards and more. 

All in all, it does seem like EA and DICE have big plans for their returning shooter. Whether this will be enough to keep the players engaged or not, it remains to be seen. 

Battlefield 2042 is officially launching on November 19, 2021, for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. 

Battlefield 2042

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