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Battlefield 2042 has "almost twice as many" players as Battlefield V on launch

Published: 15:15, 24 November 2021
Updated: 15:17, 24 November 2021
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Battlefield 2042

Despite its rocky launch, Battlefield 2042 is a very popular title and has almost twice as many players as the previous game - Battlefield V.

Battlefield 2042 launch did not go as smoothly as EA and DICE would have hoped but despite all the issues and missing features, the game managed to attract a large number of players across all platforms, peaking at just over 100k on Steam with a steady 40-50k players playing the game daily.

EA also revealed that Battlefield 2042 launch has been more successful than Battlefield V's in terms of player count.  

"It’s only a few days past our global launch, and there are already millions of you playing Battlefield 2042. We’re happy to see so many of you back on the battlefield - almost twice as many at this point as our last release," EA said in the latest blog post.

EA Battlefield 2042 Portal in action Battlefield 2042

While this may sound surprising to some, it's actually not that strange since players massively boycotted Battlefield V before launch when DICE openly said to players to skip their game if they don't want to accept their design and creative decisions.

After that statement, players decided to listen to DICE's advice and simply skip Battlefield V which resulted in very disappointing sales. The game basically missed the company's predictions by about a million. EA blamed poor marketing and no battle royale mode on launch for low sales.

DICE already revealed their plans to fix and support Battlefield 2042 for years to come, which gives us hope that the game may end up being a solid and enjoyable experience in the near future because  it's far from that at the moment.

Battlefield 2042

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Battlefield 2042

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