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Battlefield 2042 could go free-to-play in "some capacity", it's claimed

Published: 09:11, 21 January 2022
Battlefield 2042 Portal in action
Battlefield 2042 Portal in action

EA are reportedly disappointed with the performance of Battlefield 2042 are looking at all options for the future of the game.

It's safe to say that Battlefield 2042 launch was a complete disaster due to many missing features but also game-breaking issues that prevented players from playing DICE's large-scale shooter.

Over the last two months, Battlefield 2042 player count numbers have been dropping significantly, to the point where even a five-year-old title, Battlefield 1, has more players on Steam. 

This is of course a major problem for a game that was imagined as a live-service title, with plenty of post-launch updates, which is why EA are reportedly looking at their options and even considering a free-to-play model in some way. 

The news comes from reliable insider Tom Henderson who claims that "EA are very disappointed with how Battlefield 2042 has performed" and are looking at "free-to-play in some capacity".

So, what could change for Battlefield 2042 in the future in terms of changing to a free-to-play model? We do think that Hazard Zone should have been free from the get-go and this mode is probably the one that EA and DICE are looking at now, thinking, how can they bring it back from the dead. 

We doubt Battlefield 2042 would go completely free-to-play, at least not in the near future but again, the game is in such a rough state right now that EA could be thinking that the only way to make Battlefield 2042 relevant again. 

As always with rumours and speculation, take this with a dose of scepticism until EA officially confirm their plans for Battlefield 2042. 

Battlefield 2042

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Battlefield 2042

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