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Battlefield 2042 adds 64 player Conquest and Breakthrough for a limited time

Published: 15:24, 14 December 2021
Battlefield 2042 screenshot showing helicopter attack
Battlefield 2042

The 64 player playlists are now available on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC platforms. 

After a long wait, EA and DICE have finally added 64 player playlists to Battlefield 2042 for players on PC, Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 consoles. The playlists are live now and you can access them via the All-Out Warfare menu.

The update brings 64 player count to both main modes - Conquest and Breakthrough. Sadly, it looks like these will be available in the game for a limited time only but who knows, perhaps EA and DICE decided to make it permanent if players prefer it over the large scale 128 player count that was available in the game since launch. 

Since the game launched a couple of weeks ago, some players have been pointing out on social media and forums that the 128 player mode ruins the Battlefield experience instead of enhancing it. We have played Battlefield 2042 and reviewed it and can agree with this. It does seem like 128 player count has made the teamwork non-existent and there's also the map problem but that's a completely different story.

Whether EA and DICE keep these playlists, remains to be seen. If players end up enjoying this mode more than 128 players playlists, we assume that they will at least think about that.

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