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Batman Arkham Knight possibly getting Xbox Series X|S enhancement

Published: 07:42, 11 March 2021
Warner Bros
An assailant jumping at DC's Batman from Batman: Arkham Knight
Batman: Arkham Knight

It looks like Microsoft are teasing the Xbox Series X|S enhancement patch for Rocksteady's Batman Arkham Knight. In the latest blog post, where they announced some changes to UI, there's an image showing Arkham Knight with Series X|S logo.

Yesterday, Microsoft shared a blog post where they talked about the latest update for Xbox Store, which will make it easier for players to discover games on Xbox in their preferred language. And while this is a nice little addition that players will certainly appreciate, there's something else in the blog post that caught the attention of Xbox gamers.

In the blog post's header image, Microsoft posted a screenshot of the store, showcasing the new feature but in the same screenshot, there's an image of Rocksteady's action adventure Batman: Arkham Knight with an Xbox Series X|S badge. 

Microsoft Xbox Store screenshot showing Batman Arkham Knight with X|S badge Xbox Store - Batman Arkham Knight with X|S badge

All games that feature this badge are optimised for Xbox Series X|S, but Arkham Knight is yet to receive the next-gen enhancement. Could this be proof of an upcoming patch or just a mistake on Microsoft's side? At the moment, there is no answer but hopefully, it's the former. The next-gen patch for Arkham Knight would be a welcomed surprise.

We have to say that definitely makes sense to release a performance patch since the game is already available on Xbox Game Pass. Batman Arkham Knight currently runs at 900p resolution and 30 FPS on both last-gen and current-gen consoles, which is far from ideal so hopefully we'll get some official news regarding the update very soon.

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