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Babylon's Fall to reunite Nier: Automata duo Platinum and Square Enix

Published: 19:31, 10 December 2019
Platinum Games
Babylon's Fall official logo
Babylon's Fall logo

Well, we guess there's no sense in quitting while you're on a roll and if Platinum Games' track record with Square Enix is anything to go by, then Babylon's Fall surely has a bright future. The two now debuted the game's trailer on Sony's State of Play stream.

After all, the joined forces on NieR: Automata, which turned out awesome, so let's hope the duo strike two for two. As for Babylon's Fall, we're looking at a hack and slash game here, which is as flashy as they get. Hack and flash? 

Anyway, the details are pretty scarce at the moment so what we know is what we've seen from the State of Play trailer. Officially, we should be learning more in summer 2020, but hopefully, we won't have to wait that long. 

As far as Babylon's Fall trailer goes, there's obviously a lot of flashy swordplay and some gravity-defying punch-fests, which looks like it's as fun as they get. Whether it plays equally well remains to be seen, but we can't say we wouldn't reach for the controller. 

It appears that the sword sometimes multiplies, although that could just as easily be the visual effects of combo multipliers or something. Somewhere around the one minute mark is where you can catch a glimpse of some gargantuan bosses, who also promise a lot of fun.

The final artwork suggests the protagonists will be climbing a tower, although we're not sure whether this is a Tower of Babel reference. After rewatching the trailer, it seems Babylon's Fall players will indeed be climbing upwards, for whatever that's worth.

According to the announcement, Babylon's Fall will be launching for PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam, but we'll have to wait for summer 2020 for the rest.  

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