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Atomega - a new FPS by Ubisoft's team behind Grow Home

Published: 18:05, 11 September 2017

Ubisoft is dipping into the multiplayer online arena shooter pool with Atomega. The game was developed by the team behind Grow Home and Grow Up. Atomega will be available via Steam on 19 September.

Ubisoft just announced that their new online multiplayer FPS will be available on 19 September, 2017 on Steam. The game was developed by Reflections, which is a Ubisoft studio. "In the same small incubator which created Grow Home and Grow Up, Atomega was made with a creatively experimental mind-set, deliberately seeking to create unusual concepts which will surprise and delight players" says the press release.

Ubisoft Atomega Atomega

The story in the release goes like this:

"Atomega takes place at the very end of time where reality is rapidly dissolving. All that exists are Exoforms, super advanced post-biological lifeforms, masters of matter, energy and the last distant relative to man and machine. As the laws of physics slowly repeal, the Exoforms fight for fun and dominance, replaying the final moments of the universe in an arena at the edge of destruction."

Think the Restaurant at the End of the Universe, but less chaotic. The press release carries on with the story:

"The player must acquire mass, by peacefully collecting it or via firefights, to evolve his Exoform from the nimble Atom to the godlike Omega. Competing for mass, players engage in a frantic battle for supremacy through intense 10-minute rounds, gathering up to eight players." 

Ubisoft Atomega Atomega

"Acquiring mass also grants points and the player with the most points at the end of the round wins. It is a relentlessly competitive experience, an easy to pick-up but hard to master game, with a light-hearted tone echoing the personality of its small development team."

The game's Steam page is right , and it offers more information, but sadly no countdown clock. 

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