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Atari show off visual changes on existing Atari VCS designs

Published: 16:08, 30 March 2019
Side view of Atari's set-top-PC hybrid Atari VCS
Atari VCS, side view

Atari have previously delayed the launch of the device previously known as the Ataribox, and the reason was teaming up with AMD to use Ryzen CPUs, but this time around, they've got some last minute aesthetic changes lined up as well.

Atari said that for much of 2018, their design approach was subjected to engineering analyses and fabrication processes, which had them balancing practical considerations and what they had in mind.

"The design engineering team elected to pivot away from the original and very-unique ribbed-sandwich construction for the Atari VCS system box while still maintaining the applauded original design", they wrote.

Note that the Atari VCS samples you see on the images are renders of the final samples, which the company should have in their hands pretty soon admittedly. 

What the renders don't show is that Atari VCS now has a slightly different footprint, owing to the "completely overhauled" construction process.

Atari claim to have revised the silhouette in an attempt to accentuate the effect of a floating console. They added a rise under to body too, all to mimick the legendary 2600, which you can see on the image below.

All these changes gave Atari's engineers more room to play with, so two out of four USB ports have been moved to the front.

Peculiarly, in spite of the extra space, the SD card slot in the back has been removed, as the company thinks that it's just redundant. Many customers don't seem to agree, but we guess it's too late for that now.

Well, at least the production is progressing along, as the previous "showings" didn't really have that much to show other than plastic. Which is exactly what one journalist called it, only for Atari to accuse him of writing what he wanted not what was with him.

Atari Comparison of Atari VCS and legendary Atari 2600 console Comparison of Atari VCS and legendary 2600

If you're one of the backers who are waiting for their device, the delays may actually be a positive thing, what with the AMD and standard design.

You can find more information and renders in Atari's post .

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