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Asmongold Says LoL MMO Has Everything To Succeed

Published: 23:23, 17 August 2022
Riot Games
Conquering territory in the name of Noxus, and ultimately ourselves, might be fun
Conquering territory in the name of Noxus, and ultimately ourselves, might be fun

When Asmongold speaks on the topic of MMORPG games, you and everyone else listen. And in the case of the upcoming League of Legends MMO, he only has good things to say.

The League of Legends MMO has been in production for some time now, with Riot Games stating a while back that the project has hit some bumps in the road, and may be delayed even further.

It's one of the two Projects Riot Games are currently working on, and will be based on the current League of Legends lore. That is,it will be placed in the world of Runeterra, and will set in stone League of Legends lore once and for all.

Upon taking a look at a promotional video Riot Games released concerning their MMO game, Asmongold had quite a few things to say, with the first being that there is no comparison between the community surrounding this game, and that of WoW.

After all, this video garnered almost 200 million views in the time it took a WoW video to gather less than 3.

Riot Games League of Legends champion Miss Fortune, Mafia Miss Fortune skin splash Maybe try and emulate MF, and become a pirate lord

Furthermore, he says, aside from the enormous existing fanbase, Riot Games have an immense world that is already created, and, Riot Games, have a lot of money to throw at the problems.

We tend to agree with his assessment as if there was any way we couldn't when it comes to his area of expertise, and have high hopes for the LoL MMO.

After all, it will be based in a world we've all been wanting to explore ever since the days when Summoner's Rift was canonically outside of it, with all of the champions we know, love, and hate, and the regions we've only ever heard of.

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