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ArenaNet offers more details on upcoming Guild Wars 2 content

Published: 23:12, 05 November 2020
Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2

Icebrood Saga is entering its final stages but they will be spread over a period of more than half a year, across four chapters. ArenaNet now let us glimpse into the content that's just around the corner.

Jormag's shenanigans may have just been a ruse and the icy dragon is just terrified of its peer, Primordus, or that may just be a ruse to get us to fight the fiery one. Whatever the case, we don't have much choice since Destroyers are popping up all over Tyria and taking the fight to them seems to be the focus of the first chapter of the Icebrood Saga finale, named Champions - Truce.

The truce part in the name refers to Jormag and Ryland popping up to assist the Commander in the fight against Primordus, who suddenly seems to be the most immediate threat.

Taking fight to the fiery dragon will have several aspects and Dragon Response Missions are one of them. Set in Brisban Wildlands, Gendarran Fields and Metrica Province, these repeatable activities will have players protect civilians, defend the area and eliminate the dragon minions, including a champion.

Order of the Crystal Bloom will apparently be one of our first allies as we will focus on training and equipping them in order to fight Primordus. Doing so will offer rewards and faction members will join the aforementioned Dragon Response Missions to help the Commander out. Other factions will be ready to join the fight as well.

Dragon Slayer Mastery Track will become available as soon as the new content drops on November 17, 2020. It will help us through granting buffs after dragon minions drop boons and will allow us to buy Dragon Slayer weapon recipes in Eye of the North.

Dragon Slayer weapons aren't the only additions we will get as Volcanic Stormcaller weapons, Crystal Bloom Axe and more are on the way. In short, there is a ton of new content Guild Wars 2 players will get to enjoy properly, without Cyberpunk 2077 in the way to hog our time.

Oh, and as a reminder - Episodes 3 and 4 are getting their voice acting back. 

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