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ArenaNet bans 83 accounts for PvP manipulation in GW2

Published: 02:45, 07 October 2021
Guild Wars 2 - Players collectively crying after rollback
Guild Wars 2 - Players collectively crying after rollback

Cheating in video games takes creative shapes from time to time but it's cheating nonetheless and perpetrators get banned, like in Guild Wars 2.

Guild Wars 2 is not primarily a PvP game but it does have a dedicated competitive community that strives to improve the game. One such player got extremely vexed by the abusers of the monthly automated tournaments that he made a video showing overwhelming evidence of their abuse, asking the community to support him in the effort to draw ArenaNet's attention on the cheaters. 

The group of in-game criminals in question would abuse the monthly automated tournaments, which are meant to be the pinnacle of PvP in Guild Wars 2, and thus sold their services of allowing lower-skilled players to reap the unique and precious rewards. When we say "sold their services", we mean it literally, with real-life money, not in exchange for something else in the game.

As you may well know by now, real money trading (RMT) is one of the biggest thorns in the side of basically every MMO that exists today. When the video shown below started circulating the GW2 community channels, it appears that the players took heed and followed the creator's advice to report the group that consistently committed infractions in structured PvP tournaments.

The result soon followed as ArenaNet announced they banned 83 accounts connected to match manipulation and possibly account sharing. According to the official post, there may be more permanent bans in the future as the devs are pursuing additional leads related to the incident. On top of that, the banned accounts will be removed from all leaderboards and ladders.

There is no mention of hardware ID bans but let's hope the aforementioned punishments will be enough to deter other players from cheating in a similar manner or acquiring services of such individuals.

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