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ArenaNet announces followup to explain latest Guild Wars 2 balance changes

Published: 10:58, 28 June 2022
Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2

Following the massive backlash over the proposed balance changes in Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet declared they would provide context and pretty much proceed as planned.

June 28, 2022, will stay as the release date for the balance patch that so many Guild Wars 2 players hated the moment they saw what's in it. Normally, this could sound like a whiny player base that knocks something it didn't even try yet but the changes are blatantly out of touch and obviously bad.

Considering these major balance updates come around once in three to four months, it also means people who wanted to enjoy a Warrior, for example, will have to make peace with being outperformed by some of the other professions. On top of everything, the devs didn't even provide context for the changes in the patch preview, something that was previously done.

ArenaNet's response to the controversy was to announce the patch would not be postponed, context would be provided and smaller alterations might happen in a few weeks.

The lack of delay on releasing the patch may not sit well with the players but it's possible it had to be done if the profession changes are on the same build where new content for the regular update would be.

Having context on the problematic changes will be a welcome sight and possibly humorous because it's hard to imagine an explanation for five per cent crit chance in Arms line that doesn't double down as comedic gold.

ArenaNet Guild Wars 2 - Elite Specialisation test weekend teaser Guild Wars 2 - Virtuoso


As for the minor alterations coming in the next few weeks, players will have to stick it out with the current changes until feedback gets properly incorporated and then it remains to be seen whether the balance team will actually push a satisfactory update.

Grouch's post on the official forums also noted that a dedicated balance team for professions was created after the release of End of Dragons, meaning it has existed for only a few months now, which could explain the baffling "balance" choices.

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