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Apex Legends wins BAFTA Multiplayer Award just in time for Bloodhound's event

Published: 19:37, 03 April 2020
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Last night, Apex Legends players were treated to an exquisite story about Bloodhound as well as details on the upcoming The Old Ways Event, so it's only fitting that BAFTA's award would be the cherry on top.

BAFTA Games Awards' nominations didn't make it easy on Respawn though. Their battle royale found itself in the Best Multiplayer Game category with Borderlands 3, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, The Division 2, Luigi's Mansion 3 and Tick Tock: A Tale for Two. 

You'd be forgiven for missing BAFTA's announcement of Apex Legends taking the award home, seeing as how most of the community was busy endlessly replaying Bloodhound's episode of Stories from the Outlands. We know we did.

Nevertheless, Respawn's team are the ones being honoured here and they deserve every bit of credit for moulding Apex Legends into a unique brand of battle royale, transcending the genre's facelessness to turn it into an excellent storytelling vehicle.

Apex Legends' lead writer Manny Hagopian commented on this recently saying, "When I started noticing the transition to a Battle Royale game, as a writer, I was crushed. There’s no story in BR games & because of that, no one would care about my writing". 

Thankfully, Respawn's team decided to do something about it and with all the in-game innovations that are now considered standard battle royale features - Apex Legends' award for the best multiplayer game is more than deserved. 

Meanwhile, Respawn's promises of an action-packed season are on track and Apex Legends is heading for The Old Ways Event and Bloodhound Town Takeover starting on 7 April 2020. If you're more interested in the base experience, though, you should know that Duos and Kings Canyon are coming on the same day as permanent addition and part of permanent map rotation, respectively. 

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