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Apex Legends will break the lore subreddit next year, dev says

Published: 19:26, 20 July 2020
Lifeline opens fire in Apex Legends.
Never underestimate the power of an Alternator.

Apex Legends' lead scribe Manny Hagopian has said that fans who enjoy writing are going to love the game next year, as the team have something big planned.

After a fan asked whether the unveiling of Crypto's birth planet but concealing his age on the website is part of his secret identity, Hagopian gave a lengthy response that's likely to hit the spot with everyone who's enjoyed Apex Legends' quests. 

"If you’ve noticed, some bios on the site have changed. We’ve mostly stepped away from those being “in-world” bios. Meaning, they’re meant for players to learn about our Legends, but they’re not something a “fan in Solace City” can access", he said. 

Apex's narrative department made it so that all the website info is what has been told through trailers, animated shorts and the game. You still won't find anything on Pathfinder's creator though, which just goes to show nobody loves the poor guy. Robot, whatever.

This should make things less confusing, and perhaps more importantly, frees up the team to weave more of their magic.

"Plus, now we can focus our time less on updating the website week to week as new story details develop and more on....well...maybe more lore coming? Well, obviously - but how much? Let’s just say the next year may break the Apex Lore subreddit", Hagopian added. 

We suppose we could speculate that the Apex Legends team have something big in store for the game's second birthday, but we can't yet confirm we're thinking about the same date here. Nevertheless, it's pretty great to have a battle royale game that has fans talking about the story, for which Hagopian and Co really deserve all the praise in the world. 

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