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Apex Legends weapon skin suggests Respawn's map expansion plan

Published: 10:41, 14 June 2019
FrozenFroh, Reddit
Apex Legends map pieced together from fragments in Navigator Skin
Apex Legends, map from the Navigator Skin

We've all been looking at Respawn to deliver news on Apex Legends' map but it seems we've been looking the wrong way. Namely, while data mining skins, users found one that depicts a map, of which Kings Canyon is just one small part.

The final version of the map was meticulously pieced together by Reddit user FrozenFroh, with data mining and other assistance by users SuperDave3000 and HevGirl.

After being alerted to the fact that the Navigator skin resembles a map, FrozenFroh went ahead and assembled the pieces into a single map you see above.

As you can see, Kings Canyon is but a small piece of a larger landmass, and if this is what Respawn had in mind with map expansion, then we're in for a treat - the kind that will take a while to consume.

Apex Legends' supposed map also marks Leviathans, Prowlers and Flyers, which is actually in line with FrozenFroh's earlier leaks. 

At the time, that Season 1 of Apex Legends will have plenty of surprises, including Leviathans going on land and roaming the landscape. They'd presumably squash whatever player they stepped on, with their position randomised per match. 

He also suggested we'll see Flyers, who, if not lethal, could even be ridden for a few seconds, while used as a shield at the same time. 

Season 1 didn't bring any of the two but to be fair - FrozenFroh's expectations were suggested back when Apex Legends was at the peak of popularity, before it was revealed that the update schedule Respawn have in mind is not the hectic, Fortnite-type schedule of weekly content updates.

Respawn's CEO Vince Zampella stressed that this was never the plan and that he doesn't want the team, insisting that Season 1 of Apex Legends Battle Pass was more of a trial run.

Reddit Apex Legends, Season 1 content, slide by FrozenFroh from Reddit Apex Legends, Season 1 content, slide by FrozenFroh, Reddit

of Apex Legends Battle Pass is widely expected to fix all the wrongs of its maiden season, so there's still time for FrozenFroh to be right. And we do hope he is, on all counts.

You can find his post on Reddit .

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