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Apex Legends update fixes the slow speed after revive bug

Published: 14:16, 19 February 2019
Respawn Entertainment
Picture of Lifeline from Apex Legends healing some dude
Apex Legends - Lifeline

Apex Legends has been off to a fantastic start but it has its own issues. Crashes are still being reported across all three platforms, but those who can actually play the game will no longer have issues with movement speed after revives.

Respawn Entertainment have posted short, but rather welcome patch notes on Apex Legends' subreddit recently. The patch notes stated that players should no longer experience crashing on PlayStation 4, but it is unknown whether it just means the is gone or Respawn completely did away with PS4 issues. Time will tell.

Arguably, the more important fix is that players will no longer move at knockdown speed after getting revived. This issue was present on all platforms apparently and it pissed off console and PC players in equal measure. It should be gone after the latest update, but it seems to have had adverse effects on PC players.

Many are now reporting that crashing either intensified or simply started after the update, in case they weren't crashing before. The crashes are still a persistent issue for PC and Xbox One players, but Respawn Entertainment noted they are working on fixes, despite EA support attempting to persuade players that they simply have local issues.

Meanwhile, the update also addressed a few other issues. GPU hanging should no longer be a thing and pressing buttons early while loading shouldn't crash Apex Legends anymore. Mirage's ability could apparently cause crashes as well before, but this should no longer be the case.

He is not the only Legend who could crash players though, as Gibraltar did the same, with the difference that it was his Epic skins that crashed players, not his ability. Who says looks don't kill? Certainly not Xbox One players. This update should help them out though.

EA Apex Legends character suffocating a trapped doctor Apex Legends

Respawn are definitely working on fixing the Apex Legends crashes, but until the fixes come along, players will need to rely on walkarounds that the community finds. For example, those who had issues with the no error crashing on PC can that has worked for many players so far.

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