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Apex Legends update fixes Pathfinder shoulder bug

Published: 08:27, 13 October 2020
Weta Workshop
Pathfinder miniature by Weta Workshop
Apex Legends, Pathfinder miniature by Weta Workshop. No high five.

Respawn have rolled out a minor update that fixes three things in total, with Pathfinder's shoulder visibility bug thankfully being the first one on the list.

The glitch in question occurred when the beloved tin can shot out the grappling hook, which left his shoulder permanently in view. 

It's well worth saying that Apex Legends players found a workaround, which required climbing onto something quickly. Strangely enough, even though Respawn apparently took care of it, some of the commenters claim they've had it post-update, so if you're one of them - use the workaround. 

The second fix is Crypto's, specifically the one where he couldn't use weapons when triggering EMP while not in drone mode. 

Last but not least is the Performance Display, and Respawn moved it so that it doesn't overlap with the Kill/Assist HUD element in Ranked play.

Unfortunately, many players in the comments are complaining over Apex Legends' matchmaking, but this time it's not SBMM - it's random crashing or inability to start games. Respawn didn't say anything about it yet, but we suppose it's on the top of their list.

As for Apex Legends itself, a combination of data mining and obsessive attention to detail when watching dev streams (a good thing, mind you) brought back arrows into the fold

As caught by Shrugtal, it looks like Respawn are cooking up an arrow ammo type and two arrow-slinging weapons - Gemini and Bow. The latter was obscured by a prop in the dev stream, but both look like they're basically bows, the former being merely a more sophisticated version. 

He also announced the Horizon's Test Subject mini-event for today, where Apex Legends players need to complete three challenges. Completing them grants you the keycard, which can be used to activate the gravity lifts on the map, i.e. the repulsors attached to the generators. 

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