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Apex Legends: Arrow ammo type and weapons pop up, new mini-event coming

Published: 08:50, 12 October 2020
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Thanks to a combination of eagle-eyed gawking at Apex Legends dev streams and data mining, we know what Respawn are cooking up for the popular battle royale.

The scoop once again comes from Shrugtal, but he didn't need data mining for the Arrow ammo type. In fact, he's talked about it a while back, but now he caught it on an Artstation post and found further proof in the dev stream. 

Apex Legends' new ammo type, was there to be seen for all who watched more alertly, and when you think about it - it's the closest we've come to an actual certainty of Respawn going all Robin Hood on us. 

As for the weapons using Arrows, it looks like Respawn are playing around with two of them. That said, they could also be variants of the same one, but it's hard to tell at this point. 

Both of them are seemingly bows, only with varying degrees of sophistication. The first Apex Legends arrow-shooting weapon is said to be called Gemini, and you can see it below. The second one appears to be called simply the Bow, but it's been obscured on the dev stream. 

Moreover, there's some variation in the ammo too, as Shrugtal wrote, "Arrows also appear to have special effects based on which ones you pick up, there are ammo variants:

  • Arrows
  • Arrows Special 1
  • Arrows Special 2"

Apex Legends players are heading for a mini-event tomorrow too. Dubbed Horizon's Test Subject, it will have players completing a trio of challenges in order to get a keycard, and activate gravity lifts on each map. 

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