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Respawn list changes coming in the next Apex Legends patch

Published: 13:55, 28 March 2019
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Respawn Entertainment have shed some light on the upcoming Apex Legends patch which should introduce a fresh batch of bug fixes and improvements to game's performance. However, the developer did not reveal an estimated time of arrival.

Respawn's latest update for Apex Legends introduced some much-requested changes and improvements but it also added some new, annoying bugs.

These bugs and a lot of other issues have been discussed in Respawn's latest, 3.27 Check In, on Apex Legends subreddit. According to Respawn's post, one of the known issues that the developers are working on at the moment, is the bug that caps frame rate to 144 regardless if players uncapped it or not. 

This particular bug appeared after the last update in which Respawn increased the frame rate cap to 300 if players bypassed the default 144 frames per second. However, it should be fixed in the upcoming patch.

Respawn also confirmed that there is an underlying problem regarding hitboxes around some Legends' arms and upper bodies. Players would sometimes see a shot appear to connect but not always register damage. Respawn say they made some small improvements on a server side but are still investigating other reports players are sharing.

There are also a few audio issues that still persist even after the last update. According to Respawn, they are currently looking into these problems. The issues include audio dropouts, where in-game sounds seem to be missing, an audio distortion that occurs during large gunfights and enemy footsteps being too quiet or completely silent in close proximity.

Respawn also offered an update on PC crashes to desktop. Since the last week's update, daily crash rate on PC has dropped by 90 per cent. However, players are still reporting crashes and Respawn know that they are not out of the woods yet.

The remaining causes for crashes have been investigated and the devs plan to add better communication from the game, with error messages and tips to help players troubleshoot issues in the future.

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You can check for a closer look at upcoming fixes and improvements.

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