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Apex Legends teases Wraith Town Takeover map changes

Published: 09:15, 29 August 2019
Apex Legends artwork showing wraith character
Apex Legends - Wraith

It looks like Respawn plan to introduce another Town Takeover in Apex Legends. The devs released a teaser on Twitter, mentioning Wraith and special project, and players have started to notice construction flags all over Shattered Forest.

As we get closer to the end of Season 02 in Apex Legends, it's safe to assume that the developers Respawn Entertainment are working hard on the fresh content, which will be introduced in Season 03.

The latest findings by players suggest that Respawn could be preparing another Town Takeover, possibly connected to the rumored Halloween event. If you're unfamiliar with Town Takeover, it's basically a map change that brings a unique theme to a certain point on the map. 

For example, the first Town Takeover was named Octane and it introduced an Octane-themed obstacle course, to properly represent the Legend's style, look and abilities.

By the looks of it, the second Town Takeover could be themed around Wraith. Apex theorist FrozenFroh shared the map changes in a Reddit post, which features seven construction flags in the Shattered Forest, a location close to the Hydro Dam.

The flags circle the location, hinting at the next Town Takeover location. Respawn also added warning signs to the Shattered Forest, which ask those who wander the location to stay out as the area is being "patrolled by contractors".

According to FrozenFroh, the location will be "an excavation zone/even bigger research place since it's expanding Wraith's lore and she mentioned 'heavily guarded facilities underneath the arena' in her story".

Unfortunately, Respawn Entertainment are yet to share any details on the next Town Takeover but we got a teaser mentioning special project and Wraith. This could also mean that the Town Takeover could arrive even before Halloween since Respawn are already teasing it.

You can take a look at the Wraith Town Takeover teaser above and for the map changes, you can find the screenshots in .

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