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Apex Legends server problems, a bad omen before the new season?

Published: 21:46, 07 May 2020
Bloodhound in-game screenshot
Ill omens on the horizon

The Apex Legends community has been abuzz with the news of new server-side issues that have been steadily on the rise approaching the season 5 release date.

Apex Legends, a game plagued by troubles such as the infamous “code: leaf” and “code: net” errors, that make the game nearly unplayable. Or the broken hitboxes that could cost you the game if you dared to pick a certain legend.

This time around however, the outcry is over a server-side problem that has been noticed among many members of the community. A community member raised a question over on Reddit , that got a lot of people recounting their experiences with the same problem. What's worse, it appears to be on the rise even more as the season 5 release date draws closer. 

The problem many users are experiencing appears to be due to server-side latency issues, resulting in the game registering hits for players that were behind solid cover. 

This problem seems to be impacting all legends, but some legends might have a harder time dealing with it. For instance, Gibraltar’s and Caustic’s larger hitboxes combined with server latency issues might make them even easier to hit than before, effectively undoing all the work the developers have put into balancing these legends. This will, however, only last for as long as the issue is present in the game.

EA Gibraltar in-game screenshot Gibraltar's burly body makes for a big target

While various issues have appeared in the past, this is the latest in the series of problems that are directly related to the servers.

Although some members of the community are trying to defend the game, saying that the problem will most likely be hot fixed right after the new update - countless others have taken to expressing their dissatisfaction with the state of the servers. Still, both sides are in agreement that the 20HZ servers are in dire need of an upgrade.

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