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Respawn Entertainment to nerf Apex Legends' Wingman & Peacekeeper

Published: 10:29, 07 March 2019
Updated: 10:30, 07 March 2019
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Respawn Entertainment have announced a balance patch in Apex Legends which saw some of the most popular weapons nerfed. Wingman should no longer be a hip-fire headshot machine and Peacekeeper will start feeling like an actual shotgun.

Respawn Entertainment recently made a Reddit post detailing their design philosophy and the upcoming changes that should balance things out a bit. Their paragraph describing the design approach has a TL; DR version that states developers will deploy less frequent but well-tested balance changes in order to minimise players' need to readjust after each nerf or buff. 

With that in mind, they several balance changes that will kick off with Season 1 of Apex Legends. Wingman is one of the weapons that felt a bit too strong, especially when modded with Skullpiercer and fired without aiming down sights. Respawn want this to be a high skill cap gun so they nerfed the Skullpiercer damage multiplier and Wingman's hip-fire accuracy as well as rate of fire. You will need to make each shot count now.

Peacekeeper was one of the more egregious weapons due to the weapon dealing high damage while having a rather nice fire rate for a shotgun. This will come to an end once the patch kicks in as Shotgun Bolt modification will have lower benefits only for the Peacekeeper, which should make it shoot slower in the long run.

Hitboxes will be fixed for Pathfinder, Caustic and Gibraltar which should make life easier for the players who main any of these Legends. Not all Legends are in for quality of life improvements as Wraith's Into the Void will have 25 instead of 20 seconds cooldown now. Bangalore was hit a bit harder though as her sprint passive, Double Time, now grants 30 per cent movement speed increase instead of 40 per cent.

Respawn Entertainment Picture of Bangalore from Apex Legends Apex Legends - Bangalore

Caustic's traps will receive a boost as they will now cover more ground and have a wider proximity radius. Those who run into his traps will have less time to react now as the one-second delay from smoke dealing damage will be gone as well.


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