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Apex Legends Season:4 Assimilation Battle Pass has some sweet cosmetics

Published: 10:10, 06 February 2020
Apex Legends character Wattson
Apex Legends, Wattson

Apex Legends has sped by its first birthday in the best way possible - by kicking off Season 4: Assimilation. Respawn also rolled out the Battle Pass trailer, where they somehow managed to make Wattson scary. Seriously, look at her!

Okay, maybe not scary-scary, but as scary as Wattson could ever get. You can't even get mad when she kills you in Apex Legends - that voice is just too infectiously jovial. Papa would be proud. 

Wraith traditionally got more cosmetic love from Respawn and her Legendary skin Perfect Soldier is quite the looker. Royal purple and the type of design that invokes voodoo and cyberpunk at the same time - what's not to like? She is sort of a weirdo, no?

Flatline got a really cool skin as well - the Reactive Heavy Metal skin, that really lends it a futuristic look. The punch is still there don't worry - there shall be no pew-pew in Flatline-land, it's more like kick-kick.

Note that all of the above skins are unlocked through Season 4: Assimilation gameplay, but buying the Battle Pass unlocks Epic skins for Lifeline, Pathfinder and Crypto immediately. You can check them out in the trailer at 0:30.

Apex Legends' beloved SMG the R-99 had some changes done to it in terms of mag sizes, but you can read up on all the Season 4: Assimilation .  The skin you see below is the Legendary Zero Point one, which also unlocks for free upon purchasing the Battle Pass. 

EA Apex Legends SMG weapon R-99 Apex Legends, R-99

Flatline. Heavy Metal. Why does it scream Octane?

EA Apex Legends weapon Flatline Apex Legends, Flatline skin

In case you've been wondering how to handle the Sentinel, Apex Legends' new shield battery-consuming sniper rifle, you can head over .

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