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Apex Legends: Season 5 quest rewards revealed

Published: 12:06, 20 May 2020
Apex Legends character Loba
Apex Legends, Loba

Before we move on, major spoiler alert for Apex Legends players who prefer to experience the Broken Ghost quest for themselves, as you will inevitably find out what it's about.

That said, it didn't take much to see what Respawn referred to - Apex Legends' first quest's name was enough of a hint for the underlying storyline.

Revenant may be the apex simulacrum in Apex Legends but those who played Titanfall games normally think of Ash when discussing minds in shells. When it comes to ferocity, she certainly isn't lagging behind Revenant much.

Apex Legends data miner Biast12 now uncovered that the artifacts we're hunting for each week are actually parts of a bigger piece. 

"So the "artifact" we got was a part of this model, this is the head we are building, and that is the head that use the textures called "ash_head_1" = Ash's head, we are building Ash baby!", he tweeted. 

It's well worth saying that Ash has never been mentioned as a potential addition to Apex Legends, except perhaps in pure speculation, so it's unlikely that she'll be joining the roster. I mean, how many simulacrums does a multiplayer shooter need, right?

That said, Ash is likely to play some sort of role in Respawn's battle royale, as data miners found her Charms among the files too. Of course, these are solely cosmetic in nature, but Apex Legends' developer rarely does things solely for that. 

Seeing as how Respawn's CEO Vince Zampella openly stated that even though he'd love to do Titanfall 3, it's not currently in development, Ash's guest role in Apex Legends is more than welcome. Perhaps it's a good time to take the story to the dark side?

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