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Apex Legends Season 4 map changes are huge and even remove some RNG

Published: 18:59, 03 February 2020
A huge drilling structure in Apex Legends
Apex Legends, Hammond Robotics, The Planet Harvester

Yeah, Revenant's addition to Apex Legends is all well and good, but we've got even bigger changes incoming. Namely, Respawn are shaking up World's Edge bigtime, introducing new locations, reworked existing ones, updrafts for gliding and even weapon racks.

Respawn wanted to change up the existing habits and rotations, in order to freshen things up, starting with the first and most obvious change - Hammond Robotics' Planet Harvester. As the dev admitted, Fuel Depot can be a bit daunting in late-game, and this is the solution they came up with. 

"With its large, multi-level design the Planet Harvester is unlike anything else on World's Edge and brings exciting new gameplay options to the game. Fights are largely self-contained as squads will tend to enter the fight through the long hallways that lead to the center of the structure. This should make 3rd parties a little more predictable and hopefully easier to defend against", they wrote. 

This, in turn, split the Capitol City in two, and it's now divided into Fragment East and Fragment West, with one of the construction buildings gone. You can only cross it with a zipline or via the bridge, which Respawn hope will also reduce the risk of third-partying.

Additionally, Apex Legends players jumping into the fissure cutting through Capitol City will be carried back up, and easily coast to the other side. Note however that it inflicts 25 damage from the heat every time you drop back down, and you're an easy target. 

EA Apex Legends map, Capitol City Apex Legends, the new and divided Capitol City

World's Edge has a new POI called Survey Camp, and it's in the field between the Epicenter and Skyhook, which should give more rotation options. 

EA Apex Legends' in-game location called Survey Apex Legends, the new Survey

Apex Legends players who still have time to complain about RNG in battle royales will be loving this one - Survey Camp buildings feature Weapon Racks, with weapons inside. 

EA Filled weapon racks in Apex Legends Apex Legends, Weapon Racks

"This should give players who prioritize a good weapon over a premier drop location a new decision to make. We’re always excited to try flipping Battle Royale rules on their heads, and we look forward to seeing how this feature influences where players drop", they wrote. 

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