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Apex Legends Season 2 trailers confirm Leviathans and map changes

Published: 10:24, 27 June 2019
Flying creatures and Apex Legends player in front of a huge eye
Apex Legends, Flyers and.. Leviathan?

Excitement over Apex Legends' Season 2 has been growing as we draw closer to launch, albeit mostly relying on rumours and leaks. Now, however, we have two S2 trailers that were leaked ahead of launch, detailing the incoming changes.

The leak is courtesy of Reddit user going by the handle ChangeThisXBL, but some embedding issues we're going through are preventing us from showing his version, so we used the first one we found on YouTube. You can find the link to the Reddit thread below.

As for the Apex Legends trailers, they are in line with rumours that stretch way back to the game's post-launch period, when everyone still expected Respawn's 315 employees to match the development efforts Epic's 1,000+ strong workforce.

Respawn's cryptic tweet said "Repulsor Tower completed", which isn't that cryptic if you've played Titanfall, the universe in which Apex Legends is set in.

Namely, Titanfall's mission called The Three Towers is about disabling the Repulsor Towers, whose sole function is to emit signals that keep Flyers and Leviathans away from the mainland.

With Flyers already spotted , it was only a question of whether Respawn will have Leviathans join them in Season 2 of Apex Legends, and now we know they are.

As the lore goes, Leviathans are peaceful by nature, but they're not overly observant of gnats on the ground, so Apex Legends players will have to make sure they're not stomped on by these gentle giants.

Leviathans' starting location is likely to be randomised, which means they can be utilised as a match dynamics tool that infuses a bit more urgency into already hectic gameplay of Apex Legends. The trailers also show Wattson, the game's new character, in action.

Map changes are also a huge part of Season 2, and we're hoping that leakster FrozenFroh is right about the game's .

FrozenFroh, Reddit Apex Legends map pieced together from fragments in Navigator Skin Apex Legends, map from the Navigator Skin

Ironically, Apex Legends' official YouTube channel lists the trailer but it's scheduled for release at 7:00 pm CET tonight, until when most fans are likely to get their Apex fix. 

You can find the original post on Reddit .


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