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Apex Legends Season 2 will bring new legends, gun, map changes

Published: 06:53, 26 April 2019
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Apex Legends' producer Drew McCoy wrote a lengthy blog post on the future of Respawn's game and while they won't be shifting into overdrive anytime soon, Season 2 will bring more meaningful content, a new legend, new weapon and map changes.

We'll start with the juiciest stuff and then move onto details of the post, as most players are hungry for more Apex Legends content.

The post reads, "For Season 2 you can expect a Battle Pass with more meaningful content, the introduction of a new Legend, the debut of a new weapon...and you didn’t expect Kings Canyon to stay the same forever, did you?"

More details on Apex Legends' Season 2 will be given at EA's Play event, which is scheduled for 07 June 2019.

McCoy reminded that Apex Legends hitting players in its first month is "staggering for any game, let alone a new IP from a relatively small team who were taking their first swing at a free-to-play game".

However, he also said that rapid growth comes with challenges, not all of which were handled great by Respawn, so for the sake of transparency, time to go over the things that need addressing, as well as those that are sure to be addressed.

Many Apex Legends players have complained of slow server performance, but the problem seems way more complicated than just turning a screw.

"It's not that a machine is overloaded and everything on it is running too slow – it's that one instance on the same machine seems to be doing more work than the others, and we're trying to nail down what work it's doing and work backwards to understand the root cause", he wrote.

Hit registration is yet another issue, and Respawn are actually adding engine features "to help track down and report instances of incorrect hit registration in playtests so we can force the bug and reproduce the issue consistently".

Altchar artwork showing Gibraltar and Caustic from apex legends Gibraltar and Caustic

Apex Legends' team has already banned more than and while Respawn like to keep their cards to their chest in this particular instance - there are things in the works and we'll know more in the following weeks.

McCoy also echoed Respawn CEO Vince opinion on sticking to the seasonal cadence of launching content, rather than trying to emulate Fortnite's weekly schedule and burn out the team.

You can find the full post .

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