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Apex Legends - pre-loads on Steam now available

Published: 09:24, 03 November 2020
Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends - pre-loads on Steam
Apex Legends - pre-loads on Steam

Apex Legends' Season 7 is fast approaching. Steam players now have the chance to pre-load the game and be ready when the new season kicks off. Exclusive gun charms await!

Apex Legends is now available to pre-load on Steam . The players can now gear up and get ready for the game's Season 7 which will be deployed on November 4. 

The Steam version of Apex Legends will include cross-progression with Origin, which will allow the players continuous progress across both accounts.

Season 7 of Apex Legends will introduce a bunch of new content to the game. This includes a new map: the floating city of Olympus. Olympus features the levitating "Trident" vehicles, which will surely succeed in giving the gameplay an interesting new dimension.

Additionally, a new Legend Horizon will appear and try to upend the competition with her gravity-defying tech. 

Respawn Entertainment Apex Legends - Portal and Half-Life-inspired gun charms Apex Legends - Portal and Half-Life-inspired gun charms

There will also be some new challenge objectives and rewards:

  • No more recurring Weekly Challenges. Those rewards have been rolled into the revamped Daily Challenges.
  • Unique Weekly Challenges can still be completed at any time during the season. These are very similar in terms of objectives and rewards, but the difficulty is now more consistent.
  • The XP Challenge now awards 1 star for each 10,000XP earned. The premium Battle Pass boosts now increase progress by up to 50% by boosting how much XP gets counted for the challenge. However, the boosts do not increase the underlying XP gains. 

In celebration of the launch, Steam players will get free exclusive Portal and Half-Life-inspired gun charms for playing this season. 

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