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Apex Legends players reporting encounters with flying dragons

Published: 08:19, 19 June 2019
Flying creatures and Apex Legends player in front of a huge eye
Apex Legends, Flyers and.. Leviathan?

Earlier Apex Legends leaks suggested we'll see flyers in Season 1, but that Respawn had other plans. Now, however, they've added them to the game and the darn things love flying away with death boxes unless of course, you stop them.

So, Apex Legends flyers are in the game, although we're yet to figure out their spawning preferences. They do seem to stick to certain locations, but more on that when we know for certain.

Flyers love taking away Apex Legends players death boxes and fly around with them. You should know that if they sense danger, they'll try to escape with the box, so you'll have to shoot them. 

It doesn't take a lot of firepower to make a flyer drop the death box, but killing it takes a bit more. We've seen a few run away, so you may want to make it quick once you start shooting. 

Apex Legends players have already dissected the basics, such as the fact that flyers show in red colour when you've popped Bloodhound's ultimate.

Additionally, picking Pathfinder means you'll be able to grapple the flyers for a brief period, but that too seems to trigger their attempt to leave the map, or just fly much higher.

An earlier Apex Legends leak by Reddit user FrozenFroh suggested that players might even be able to ride them for a brief moment, using them as a meat shield and even shooting from them, but this doesn't seem to be the case at the moment.

He also mentioned that the game will have and this seems increasingly likely, especially after seeing that last shot from EA Play's Apex Legends. Considering the size difference between the player, flyers and the eye, there seems to be no other option. 

Reddit Apex Legends, Season 1 content, slide by FrozenFroh from Reddit Apex Legends, Season 1 content, slide by FrozenFroh, Reddit

The leakster reminded that in Titanfall, destroying the repulsors, i.e. the giant antennae you can find on Apex Legends map as well, led to Leviathans walking onto land and wreaking havoc solely on the account of their size - being stomped by one is probably the last thing you'll see in a match.

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