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Apex Legends players mourning Skull Town already

Published: 09:26, 06 May 2020
Apex Legends characters Octane and Mirage fighting
Apex Legends, Octane and Mirage

Go ahead, ask an Apex Legends player about Skull Town and kiss your day goodbye as they reminisce about all the great moments they've had there. Unfortunately, Season 5 may be the end of that.

If you caught Respawn's trailer for Season 5: Fortune's Favor, you've seen Loba strut into the facility below Skull Town to spawnkill Revenant. 

That didn't quite work out as planned though, as she ends up destroying the entire location. In her defence, she does find Revenant, albeit not as she initially intended. 

Skull Town was always a polarising location, with few Apex Legends players indifferent about it - you either loved it or hated it. 

Naturally, Respawn will not be nuking the entire place a leaving a big hole, so we're excited to see what they've got up their sleeve. They did say earlier that Season 4 and onwards will see various minor and major map changes, some of which will have to do with Hammond Robotics, but we'll see soon enough.

In the breaks between Apex Legends: Season 5 reveals, Respawn have posted a number of teasers, and they're still going. 

According to a data-mined schedule, Season 5 teasers are in stage 6, the final stage ahead of S5 launch. We're again looking at Loba popping in, although this time it's a more limited teaser that you may end up not seeing at all. 

In related news, EA's latest fiscal report is full of praise for Respawn and their team, who have been on fire for the publisher. Apex Legends exploded onto the market to become one of the most popular and beloved multiplayer shooters around, while Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order did the same on the singleplayer front. 

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