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Apex Legends players enraged over Battle Pass XP and Stars resetting

Published: 14:26, 12 November 2020
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Apex Legends - Season 7

Apex Legends' Battle Pass progression has been quite the issue these days, and just as it seemed that Respawn fixed it, players noticed the weekly resets of XP and Stars.

As posted on Reddit by a user going by the name Defyingpotato (awesome name by the way), it turns out that Apex Legends' weekly Battle Pass progress will reset at the end of the week. 

In other words, if you have 9 Stars at the end of the week, all the challenges you've done to get there are practically null and void, and will be reset to zero. 

Which, to make matters as ironic as possible, is exactly the scenario Apex Legends developers were trying to circumvent with the introduction of the Stars system. As one user put it in the comments, "I was just about to post this. Everybody is gonna be pissed. People were saying the one good thing about the star system is you won't be at like 50,000/54,000 exp at the end of the week."

We'll have to wait a bit more until we get Respawn's response, which is solely due to time differences. However, judging by the users' anger, it's going to be one rude awakening. 

In their defence, however, the devs are not yet done with the changes to the Apex Legends Battle Pass and the related grinding, so we hope this was an unintended bug or something. 

EA Apex Legends, New S7 dailies Apex Legends, New S7 dailies

Apex Legends director Chad Grenier said that next week's patch will bring two changes:

  • We're reverting weeklies to S6 difficulty levels, and making it so weekly challenges always give you an opportunity to complete them with more than one Legend
  • All players will be granted 10 free BP levels.

You can find the Reddit post here .

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