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Apex Legends damage reduction perk breaks Gibraltar and Caustic

Published: 20:05, 19 April 2019
Apex Legends artwork of Caustic character executing a person in a lab coat with gas
Apex Legends - Caustic

Apex Legends' big boys Caustic and Gibraltar are the latest victims of Respawn's balancing change. The patch that was supposed to fix the hitbox issues on these characters introduced a bug that removes their health through equipped shields.

Earlier this week, Respawn Entertainment released a new, major patch for Apex Legends, which mainly focused on balancing changes for two characters - Gibraltar and Caustic, along with some tweaks to weapons.

The changes to Gibraltar and Caustic were introduced to try and compensate for the hitbox issues that have been present in the game ever since its release. Apex Legends' big boys are a lot easier to kill than smaller characters like Wraith, Bangalore or Octane for example.

This, of course, makes them a less popular choice and to tackle the issue, Respawn introduced a brand new, exclusive perk, which added 10 per cent damage reduction, making the characters a bit harder to kill.

However, the patch is totally malfunctioning and has brought nothing but headaches to Respawn. If you play Apex Legends, you probably know that your health starts to go down only when the enemy breaks your shield, however, some players on Reddit are reporting that HP is getting melted even when their shield is equipped.

"The 10% damage reduction is bugged. Whenever you are full shield and take damage, you can see that little bits of your HP (not shield) is taken away," Redditor Yakousou wrote in his post.

Respawn's Community Manager Jay Frechette responded to the thread by saying that the devs are aware of the issue and are working on a fix but it may take some time before it's implemented. "Hey folks, I don't have ETA but we're aware and working on a fix internally that we're testing," Frechette wrote.

The 1.1.1 patch also introduced some other issues. Players are reporting that Gibraltar can remove the Arc Stars thrown at his gun shield, simply by lowering the gun shield.

Again, Frechette confirmed that the devs are aware of the bug and are "looking into it". 

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