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Apex Legends patch apparently fixes crashing on PC

Published: 23:32, 20 May 2019
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Respawn Entertainment have released a patch for Apex Legends that contains several quality of life improvements, audio upgrades, bug fixes, better hitboxes and apparently crashes that affected the PC part of the game's overall population.

Apex Legends' popularity may have dropped drastically but the game seems to be far from dead. Respawn Entertainment have released a patch that should deal with many of the problems mentioned by the community.

Some of the audio issues Respawn took note of are bugs that would cause sound distortion, missing sounds and performance issues. With the new patch, audio engine should be 30 per cent more CPU efficient, which will mean fewer chances of distortion or dropouts.

Keep in mind that Respawn stated the chance is just reduced, not eliminated. On the flip side, impact on data loading through code was reduced so dropout chances will be even lower.

While all the changes listed in the patch notes are welcome, most players' attention will be firmly on PC crash fixes and hit detection improvements.

There are some behind the scenes changes that Respawn didn't specify but they should change the bullet direction logic that will apparently make it easier for the developers to track issues with said mechanics.

They did admit no actual fix was deployed with the patch but they are looking into these problems further and are suspecting connection issues to sometimes be the culprit. To that end, the connection issue icons can detect more problems now and will likely appear more often.

Regarding the PC crashing issues, Respawn have pinpointed the cause of these crashes in one instance. It is only for Intel CPU users but at least the fix should entirely remove the problem now.

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It appears that Intel CPUs will stop crashing Apex Legends if the players reduce the clock speed. This works even if the CPU wasn't overclocked previously. Respawn said they implemented a workaround that should minimise the crashes even if players don't reduce the clock speed until Intel respond with a potential fix for the issue.

You can read more about the quality of life changes on the .



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