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Apex Legends: New Year's data mine roundup - what to expect in Season 4

Published: 12:02, 26 December 2019
screenshot showing Apex Legends' new map
Apex Legends' new map

Apex Legends has been quite the ride since its surprise launch in February 2019, and as we wait for Respawn to spill the beans on Season 4, we'll review all the recent data mines to see all the things we may be getting in 2020.

Now, bear in mind that game development is a dynamic business and things can change faster than that Mozambique loadouts. Apex Legends' launch virtually exploded with popularity,  which forced Respawn to change plans quite often, and occasionally quite sharply, so the data mines are in no way definitive proof. 

Season 4

One of those changes involved season length, which was Respawn's way of giving themselves more time to create content without running their devs into the ground. 

While the exact date of when Season 4 starts is still unknown, we're expecting a teaser any day now. It's widely expected that Respawn will time it for Apex Legends' birthday on 19 February, but we should know soon enough. 

New Legends

Apex Legends has had a number of "new Legend" leaks turn out to be false, so we'll stick to the more recent findings. And those are completely dominated by Revenant, and unlike the aforementioned leaks, Respawn recently added an icon, which normally means the next update will bring the real deal.

That said, the earlier speculation about Revenant's addition proved to be false, as Respawn added him as the mastermind behind the Shadowfall LTM, so there's still a possibility the dev will do something similar. Given how many versions of his abilities we've seen so far - we wouldn't be surprised to find out we've been taken for a spin.

New Weapons and Gear 

Data miners have found lines on the Sentinel sniper and higher resolution audio files were added to Volt SMG, which is about as far as weaponry goes. However, they've also found mentions of incendiary rounds, i.e. shooting fire bullets, which already sounds like a blast. 

There's some indication of new armour types, but these might just as easily be visual indicators of armour that are tied to the third-person perspective additions. 


Files specifically mention a free trial of Apex Legends' campaign mission that can be replayed at will without spoilers, which means there's a paid campaign on the other end. That, however, is under the assumption that [R5] means Apex Legends, which it wasn't always the case. 

Even if completely untrue though, Respawn would do well to consider this, because it would certainly be more meaningful content than any cosmetics. Not being limited by multiplayer balance issues would allow them to have fun with Apex Legends' roster, and when Respawn have fun - we lose weeks of time. Please Respawn, make this happen.

EA Apex Legends' new character, Wattson Apex Legends, Wattson

We'll be keeping an eye out for any potential additions, and while we're hoping for more info before New Year's, we wouldn't be betting on it. Oscar Mike ladies.

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