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Apex Legends' new weapon will be Havoc, an energy assault rifle

Published: 18:02, 14 February 2019
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Apex Legends will likely keep popularity over time as Respawn Entertainment have announced a pile of new content already. The first new weapon was leaked, however, and it will be Havoc, an energy assault rifle with rail gun capabilities.

Each Legend in the game has unique voice lines and Bangalore's voice line when picking up the receiver that allows fire mode selection has been changed with the recent patch. She used to simply state the receiver could be useful on Prowler, which is the burst-fire SMG. Now she says it could be useful on Prowler or Havoc, the latter of which is not in the game yet.

A data miner, going by the name Shampooh, recently released the video that's embedded above where he found a pile of information on Havoc, but unfortunately didn't manage to find a way to visually show this beast's actual looks. He did find that the gun will be able to use the aforementioned fire mode receiver, precision choke and a turbocharger.

According to Shampooh's conclusion, equipping all three modifications will allow the previously automatic weapon to fire charged shots instead. These shots will do 90 damage per hit, but will cost five ammo each. The rifle sounds extremely powerful with the charged shot enabled, but the base stats are nothing to throw away either.

Shampooh states that Havoc has the best DPS and damage overall in its category, along with a respectable magazine size and recoil that is barely higher than that of its peers. Considering the weapon's power, it is quite possible it will only be available in the zones with the best loot, so don't expect to just drop into the first cabin you see and start zapping people around.

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Another potential new weapon will be the , which Shampooh speculates will keep its unique mechanics from Titanfall. Unlike the other weapons, L-Star has unlimited ammunition and it is held back by an overheating mechanic, where players simply need to not sit on their mouse's left click.

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