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Apex Legends' new season bugs and the tireless battle of fixing them

Published: 20:10, 14 May 2020
Apex Legends Season 5 trailer screenshot
Loba has arrived

The Apex Legends bugs brought on by the new season patch have really been stirring up the community. Faced with countless complaints, the developers have promised a quick fix that they are currently working on.

With the beginning of the new Apex Legends season, the players have started playing on a new patch, and like most patches, this one seems to be troublesome as well. 

Countless bugs have cropped up in all areas of the game with players having trouble looting, graphical glitches in-game due to lighting, even game crashes while loading and so on. All of these troubles were reported after the new update went live. 

None of those problems, however, have been as prevalent as the new hot topic of the community, it being hits not registering. This problem has been reported countless times and with varying degrees of frustration from players. While some show understanding and simply wait for a fix, others have caused a storm online demanding a fix.

It appears the bug has affected the game so badly that it is impacting even competitive play to such a level that you could call the game nearly unplayable at times. 

Luckily, the massive outcry has put this problem as number one on the developers' to-do list. This was confirmed to be the case via Twitter in a  post by Josh Medina, a producer at Respawn Entertainment working on Apex Legends, where he said “We are working on the No-Reg issue fix”. 

The tweet was sent out as soon as the complaints started flooding in, meaning it is not going to be one of those cases where players have to wait for the next patch for the game to work properly again.

EA Apex Legends gameplay trailer screenshot Legends looking fresh for the new season

After the problem is resolved, the only thing fans will have to complain about is Pathfinder’s new Grappling hook timer. At least the Mirage mains can finally take their favourite legend for a spin and be useful during a game - perhaps a little too useful even.

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