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Apex Legends nerfing Peacekeeper and finally reducing muzzle flash

Published: 19:58, 02 March 2020
Apex Legends, Grand Soirée Arcade Event Peacekeeper skin
Apex Legends, Grand Soirée Arcade Event Peacekeeper skin

It appears like Respawn were really adamant about weeding out and all the Apex Legends complaints we've been hearing about for a while now. One of the most recurring ones has been the muzzle flash, but that too is getting tweaked in the next update.

After all, just about every other complaint has been tweaked one way or another - R99, R-301, Wraith - you name it and it's been nerfed, but the muzzle flash complaint has remained as the only one untouched by the dev team. Until now, that is. 

In the patch notes for the update coming with the System Override event, Respawn listed the following:

Muzzle flash adjustments:    

  • Reduced the intensity of muzzle flash while aiming down the sight for all weapons except shotties and snipers

Now, this is one of those changes that's really been splitting the community, and while we can't say we've been huge proponents of it - we can't say that we haven't found ourselves in situations where it got us killed. 

On the other hand, Apex Legends hop-ups that take care of this are, after all, available, and the only times we've been a bit unfairly done-by by this was in darker areas. We actually thought this would be considered realistic, but a certain section of the community really despises this so Respawn took action. 

EA Apex Legends weapons crate Apex Legends, System Override's permanent loot locations

You can check out the rest of the changes coming in the next update below:


Designer note: The intent is for Bloodhound to use their tactical as they are approaching towns pre-combat versus reacting while in a fight.   

  •  Increased the scan distance for Eye of the Allfather by 3x.        
  • Increased time to activate: .4s -> .8s        
  • Increased duration of scan: 2s -> 3s 


  • Gun Shield health reduced: 75 -> 50. 


  • Primary weapons will now automatically reload while in drone view.


  • Base inventory slots increased 8 -> 10.        
  • Common Backpack: expands inventory to 12 slots.        
  • Rare Backpack: expands inventory to 14 slots.        
  • Epic Backpack: expands inventory to 16 slots.    
  • Grenade stacks reduced to 2 -> 1.    
  • Light / Heavy / Energy ammo stacks reduced from 80 -> 60.    
  • Syringe and Shield Cell stacks reduced from 6 -> 4.    
  • Med Kit and Shield Battery stacks reduced from 3 -> 2.


  • Mag size reduced from 6 -> 5.    
  • Increased reload time from 2.5s -> 2.65s.    
  • Increased reload time with empty mag from 3.5s -> 3.6s.    
  • Slightly increased the scale of the blast pattern from 1.6 -> 1.7. 


  • Base damage increased from 65 -> 70    
  • Reduced time it takes to rechamber from 1.85s -> 1.75s.

You can find the full patch notes here .

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Apex Legends, Revenant

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