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Apex Legends loot boxes are not there for Belgian players

Published: 15:50, 20 March 2019
Apex Legends characters Octane and Mirage fighting
Apex Legends, Octane and Mirage

It seems that EA aren't oblivious to their legal issues over loot boxes in Belgium as Belgian players who purchased the Apex Legends Battle Pass found that their progression doesn't involve premium loot boxes, but crafting materials.

Apex Legends player going by the Reddit handle UnicornPL purchased the Battle Pass but once he reached level 2, he was greeted with a reward of 250 crafting materials, rather than the premium Apex loot boxes. 

He shared his findings on Reddit as soon as he realised and as it turns out - you don't have to be from Belgium to take advantage of this - you just have to make the game believe you are.

PC players of Apex Legends can simply change their Origin account details and restart the client, which will replace future premium loot boxes with crafting materials.

If you're on PlayStation 4, you'll need to change your EA account settings and set the location to Belgium. Same goes for Xbox One, although both cases require you to restart the console after setting your new location. 

Apparently, it doesn't matter whether you've already purchased the Apex Legends Battle Pass, as it only changes how the game handles premium loot boxes from then on.

We're a bit unsure as to the exact amount of crafting materials you get with each Apex Legends level, as some claim they get 1260 while others get 1350. Either way, it's enough for a single legendary skin of choice.

Interestingly, many players seem to be pretty keen to switch to the Belgian way of doing things, especially after a few math savvy users crunched the numbers on the exact methodology of chance behind the premium loot boxes.

We're not sure how EA will react to this, but the fact that many players seem more interested in choosing what they'd like to unlock than relying on chance is enough of an indicator that the Apex Legends Battle Pass isn't everyone's cup of tea. 

EA picture shows three characters Wild Frontier Legends skins

Note however that choosing to only get crafting materials apparently decreases your progression rate compared to the premium loot boxes, although the math behind it can get pretty confusing.

You can find the Reddit post in question , along with the analysis further down in the comments. 

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