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Apex Legends leaks reveal solos and duos, LTE and jump kits

Published: 17:32, 19 February 2019
Respawn Entertainment
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GamingIntel have shared new Apex Legends data mined files which reveal solos and duos for 60 players. Additional leaks also reveal that Respawn are working on a new, limited-time event named Recruit which involves teaming up with the enemy.

Another day, another Apex Legends leak. Once again, GamingIntel shared a data mined files which show a bunch of new features potentially coming to Apex Legends. Just like with the , the latest one also reveals new game modes. There are also some grenade variations and jump kits.

The biggest leak is certainly solo and duos. These two modes are much-requested by the Apex Legends community ever since the game launched and judging by the leaks, Respawn are working on both. 

Both modes will support up to 60 players just like squads do at the moment. While duos look pretty much identical to squads, there are some changes to solos rules. Understandably, shields will be ditched, just like respawn stations, meaning that once your health bar hits 0 - it's back to the lobby.

Another interesting find is the new limited time mode named Recruit. According to GamingIntel, the mode will play similarly to the Infection mode seen in Call of Duty games. This means that whenever you kill and subsequently revive an enemy player, they will be added to your team. There will be three teams of 20 players and the team that remains last will, of course, win the match.

Additionally, datamining also discovered three new grenades variations. The first one is a smoke grenade which could devalue Bangalore's and Caustic's special abilities, as they are the only two characters that can deploy smoke.

The second grenade is named Orbital Strike and just like the name suggests it fires rockets from the sky while the third one is Tick. You may know Ticks as small droid loot boxes which can be found across the map. However, this new variation of Tick will have the ability to seek enemies and explode upon contact.

EA Apex Legends character Bloodhound Apex Legends

Last but not least, mined files reveal jump kits which will be lootable items but unfortunately, there is no indication how they could work ingame-. The same leak also shows a Survival Training playlist that will support 20 players. The code suggests the introduction of bots which could mean that we're looking at a potential training or horde mode.

For more Apex Legends news, you can check the walkarounds for and bad module info, and also read a detailed description of the latest .

Screenshots of data mined files can be found on .

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