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Apex Legends leak reveals new character Jericho and his abilities

Published: 09:17, 27 August 2019
Respawn Entertainment
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Jericho will be one of the next characters in Apex Legends if the latest leak from data miner The Gaming Merchant is true. The new military-like character could even surpass Gibraltar in size and packs ballistic shield and javelins.

Respawn Entertainment's free to play battle royale has introduced two new characters since it's launch earlier this year and by the looks of it, two more legends could arrive to the roster pretty soon.

We already had some earlier reports that the developers are looking to introduce one new character per each season with all signs pointing toward Crypto joining Apex Legends in Season 03.

However, according to data miner The Gaming Merchant, there's another character in the game's files named Jericho, and apparently, he could surpass even Apex Legends' biggest boy Gibraltar in size.

The data miner claims that Jericho appears to be a military-type character who is primarily focused on defence. His three abilities are Ballistic Shield Protection, Ballistic Shield, and Shield-Breaker Javelins.

The first one could be his passive ability as it protects "your back when you are not actively using it". This is a nice counter to attacks from behind and will certainly become one of the most useful abilities in the game.

As for Ballistic Shield, The Gaming Merchant explains that this one is the tactical ability, as it summons a full-body riot shield to protect the player. And last but not least, Shield Breaker Javelins allow players to throw two electrically charged javelins that burn through enemy body shields.

Unfortunately, there are no details about the release date but if the earlier rumours about Season 03 and Season 04 characters are true, it will take a while before anyone sees Jericho in Apex Legends.

After Season 03's Crypto, a character named Rosie should arrive in Season 04 which leaves the next season open for Jericho, if Respawn don't have any other characters in the works.

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Of course, it's also possible that Respawn mix up the schedule and release two characters in the next season but this is just a wild guess.

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