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Apex Legends is not getting Smart Pistol after all

Published: 23:01, 26 February 2020
Updated: 23:13, 26 February 2020
Respawn Entertainment
Titanfall - Smart Pistol
Titanfall - Smart Pistol

Titanfall and its sequels are great shooters but Smart Pistol is a stain on their reputation. Apex Legends fans got a scare recently when data mining suggested it might be arriving but a Respawn developer shot these rumours down.

Aimbots have plagued shooter games since time immemorial due to cheaters but sometimes developers put these abominations in their own games. Such was the case with the Smart Pistol in Titanfall which allowed some of the easiest headshots ever witnessed in a fast-paced action game and was hated for that reason.

Therefore, it was no wonder that Apex Legends players go scared when files referencing the Smart Pistol were found during Apex Legends data mining, prompting a bona fide panic among the community.

That1MiningGuy has since deleted his Twitter account where the image was shared but not before the internet picked it up. Dexerto reported on the matter which is possibly the reason why the issue was escalated enough to reach Respawn Entertainment's developers.

Thankfully, this caused the scare to be short-lived since Jason McCord, the design director of Apex Legends, confirmed that the infamous pistol will not be making its way to the game. 

His Twitter reply stated that the previously mentioned content was misinformation but it is currently unclear whether he referred to Dexerto's article or the data mine itself. If the screenshot was legitimate and some stray files were indeed left in Apex Legends, it's not exactly misinformation.

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Apex Legends, Revenant

As for the article itself, the author specifically noted and warned the readers that data mined files are "no guarantee that the weapon is coming to Apex Legends" and recalled that "There have been many other files discovered as leftovers from Titanfall, or it could simply be some development testing at the studio".

With the warning in mind, it is hard to see it as misinformation.

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