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Apex Legends is nerfing weapon skins that offered ADS advantage

Published: 23:39, 18 September 2022
Apex Legends, Season 8: Mayhem screenshot
Apex Legends, Season 8: Mayhem brings Legendary Magazines

Apex Legends saw a bit of controversy recently as a few weapon skins provided unfair game advantage so the devs are stepping in io even the playing field out.

Apex Legends , just like any other live service, needs to keep bringing in revenue on a regular basis but the game also strives for competitive integrity.

The two elements butted heads recently as several weapon skins in the game provided a clearer line of sight, allowing players to reposition their weapons more effectively in order to track the enemies.

Respawn Entertainment jumped in to clarify the issue and show their planned changes that should make just about everyone much happier.

One of the examples of the unfair advantage skins provided is the Heat Sink for VK-47. When aiming down the sights, players could see their enemies more clearly than they could with the base skin.

Such a development essentially turned Apex Legends into a pay-to-win game as opposed to just providing a cosmetic service for those who purchased Heat Sink.

The devs published the images of the fix they are working on and Heat Sink skin will now have a blacked-out portion that is bringing it more in line with other appearances.

EA Apex Legends - Big Maude - Rampart's custom shop that moonlights as a giant tank. Apex Legends

On the flip side, the Revelations skin for Flatline was obstructing the view while ADSing so the devs are clearing it up to bring the skin up to the standard of every other appearance.

Respawn also noted they will keep an eye on such occurrences in the future so additional skin balancing is not out of the question.

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