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Apex Legends datamine reveals survival mode and vehicles

Published: 17:12, 18 February 2019
Updated: 09:04, 19 February 2019
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According to the latest data mining leak, Respawn are planning to introduce vehicles to Apex Legends and add a new Survival mode, which will include NPC crowd and commentary that reacts to players actions by booing and cheering them.

Data miners have really started to dig deep into the Apex Legends' files in the last few days to uncover some interesting new features that may get introduced into Respawn's battle royale in the near future.

Just after GamingIntel shared files showing and weapons, another leaker named ApexDBR discovered references to two new modes, named survival and team deathmatch. 

After his leak went live, RealApexLeaks and GamingIntel joined forces and dug deeper into the same files to discover more details on survival mode. According to the files, the survival mode will introduce an NPC crowd that will react to players and their actions by booing and cheering them on.

Survival mode will also feature an arena commentary to accompany matches. Just like the NPC crowd, the commentators will judge the performance of survivors in a positive or negative manner. Another detail is the kill replays feature, which, as the name suggests, will give players the chance to rewatch their moves.

The leaked files also revealed a list of NPC hosts. There are a total of eight hosts and RealApexLeaks mentioned that these names were double checked and they are definitely not new Legends. It's possible that players will get to choose their favourite host before every match but this would be pure speculation as nothing is confirmed at the moment.

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Additionally, data miners discovered a hover tank vehicle but unfortunately, they couldn't find anything related to potential vehicle implementation in Apex Legends. 

Respawn Entertainment talked about Apex Legends and their plans ever since the game launched, but not once have they mentioned the introduction of vehicles or new modes. The year one roadmap didn't reveal anything similar either but after their surprise launch, it wouldn't be unexpected if the developers just dropped a set of new features without much fanfare.

You can check the and  leaks out on Twitter, or refer to GamingIntel's coverage.

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