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Respawn's battle royale Apex Legends is coming to mobile

Published: 07:03, 08 May 2019
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EA and Respawn are working on Apex Legends mobile version it's been officially confirmed by EA CEO Andrew Wilson on the company's latest earnings report. Wilson also said they are in advanced negotiations to bring the game to China.

Apex Legends, one of the most popular battle royale games in the world is coming to the mobile platform it's been officially confirmed by Electronic Arts' CEO Andrew Wilson during the company's latest earnings report.

During his speech, Wilson confirmed that EA and Respawn are currently in advanced negotiations to bring the futuristic shooter to mobile but at the moment, it's too early to talk about a potential release date. He also confirmed that Apex Legends is gearing up to release in China but again, no concrete details on the launch date.

"We're in advanced negotiations to bring Apex Legends to China and to mobile, and we will update you on time frames when those negotiations are concluded," Wilson explained.

Of course, bringing the game to the mobile platform, probably iOS and Android, is something that was expected given that Apex Legends' two main competitors - PUBG and Fortnite - are already available on these platforms and are attracting a huge number of players.

Also, Apex Legends is in slow decline in the last month or so and mobile release could help to bring the game back to the top in both player count and Twitch views. Of course, both PUBG and Fortnite are available in China, with some issues here and there which is another anticipated move from EA.

Wilson also confirmed that EA are self-publishing Apex Legends in Korea and that the game is "fastest-growing" title in EA's history with more than 50 million players. Furthermore, Wilson noted that almost 30 per cent of players are "new to EA".

He concluded by saying this is just the beginning for Apex Legends and more details about Season 2 will be announced at EA's pre-E3 show named EA Play in June 2019.

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Apex Legends is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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