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Apex Legends Halloween event leaks

Published: 13:53, 03 October 2019
Updated: 13:54, 03 October 2019
artwork showing apex legends logo
Spooky content coming to Apex Legends

New data-mined information from Apex Legends game files have revealed another batch of details about Halloween Fight or Fright seasonal event ​​​​​​.

Apex Legends' latest big update has introduced a fresh batch of content for all players. The update brings long-awaited Season 03, a new weapon, new Iceland-like map named World's Edge and adds another legend to the ever-expanding roster.

And while many players are enjoying all the new additions, Respawn Entertainment are continuing to work on more content and events for their battle royale. Judging by recent leaks, the next scheduled content drop is coming just in time for Halloween 2019, for some proper celebrations.

According to the latest data mine from well-known data-miner Shrugtal, the name of the upcoming Halloween seasonal event is Fight or Fright and it will potentially bring a new map or area dubbed Shadowfall.

Furthermore, the leak also reveals several images of the event-related skins, including spooky costumes for the brand new legend Crypto, Bloodhound and Caustic. You can take a look at some of the cosmetics below, along with the Franken-Gibby skin which was originally leaked in August 2019.

And while many legends will get their own Halloween skins, it appears that Lifeline fans will get the most of the new event. There a line in the game code mentioning a Lifeline Heirloom Set named Shock Sticks. If this is indeed the case, Lifeline will join Wraith and Bloodhound who are the only two legends with the exclusive set.

Apparently, players will be able to unlock the item after obtaining and unlocking all Fight or Fright Collection Pack cosmetics during the Halloween event.

And last but not least the limited-time event will also bring new enemies, named loot bin spiders and zombies in the game files. At the moment, it is unknown when exactly will Halloween event arrive, but it's expected later this month, a couple of days before the Halloween, which is on 31 October 2019.

Dextero artwork showing Leaked Apex Legends Halloween items and skins Leaked Halloween items and skins

Thanks, Dextero.

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